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Cashback 15%

Cashback (loss return) is the player’s best friend. This is a helpful bonus allowing you to stay always in the game. We refund part of the lost deposit. If the game has been unlucky, cashback will be your insurance.

How can I get this cashback?

Cashback is credited automatically every Friday at 13:00 (UTC + 3). It comes in the form of a bonus and needs to be activated in the player Profile -> My Bonuses section. After activation, the cashback amount will immediately appear in the player’s game account. According to the rules of Vegas Grand casino, bonus cashback can be withdrawn only after wagering.

The greater the amount of your loss for the week, the less wager (turnover) you will receive in rubles:

  • Loss up to 1000 – wager ×10
  • Loss from 1000 to 5000 – wager ×8
  • Loss from 5000 to 15000 – wager ×5
  • Loss from 15000 to 50000 – wager ×3
  • Loss above 50000 – wager ×1

Cashback is equal to a certain percentage of all unfortunate bets. The percentage of cashback depends on the number of total losses per week. The less luck you have, the higher percentage Vegas Grand Casino will return. The maximum cashback is 15 %, and when coupled with the final bonus, it is increased to 20%!

The size of the cashback bonus in rubles:

  • Loss from 0 to 999 – 5% cashback
  • Loss from 1000 to 4999 – 8 % cashback
  • Loss from 5000 to 14999 – 10 % cashback
  • Loss over 15000 – 15 % cashback

How is the cashback size calculated?

Cashback at a casino is calculated by the following formula: a number of bets minus a number of winnings minus received bonuses multiplied by % of cashback.

When calculating cashback, all bets and winnings made with the involvement of bonus funds are taken into account, therefore bonus funds are subtracted from the result.

Cashback will not be credited if the sum of winnings for the week exceeds the number of bets.